Typical issue: TMC6100/TMC6200/TMC5160 draws excessive current when the MOSFETs are driven. This causes the IC to heat up. In addition, the 12VOUT pin drops to around 6V-7V.  What could be causing this issue?
Cause: This issue is caused by excess ripple on the VS supply (dV/dt on the VS supply is greater than 1V/us). These three ICs use a similar structure for the charge pump circuitry and all drive relatively high currents. This can cause a lot of supply ripple which can damage the charge pump circuitry. 
Solution: There are a few methods that can be used to reduce the VS ripple and prevent this issue.
1. Add extra filtering capacitance on VS to keep dV/dt less than 1V/us.
2. Add a 220-330 Ohm resistor in series with the 22nF charge pump capacitor (between CPO and CPI).
3. Implement a filter like the image below (from Figure 3.5 of the TMC5160 datasheet). The resistor value can be in the range of 1Ohm to 4.7Ohms.