Is the TMCM-xxxx-CANopen hardware the same as TMCM-xxxx-TMCL hardware?

Most of Trinamic's TMCMs have the option for either TMCL or CANopen firmware. 
For these devices with both firmwares available, the hardware of the CANopen and TMCL versions are identical. The only difference between the two versions is the firmware pre-loaded onto the board. 

CANopen modules can be re-flashed with TMCL firmware, if available (see KA-10754). Similarly, TMCL modules can be re-flashed with CANopen firmware, if available (using the Firmware Update Tool in the TMCL-IDE).

The only exception to this is the TMCM-1617. The "-CoE" and "-CANopen" versions of the TMCM-1617 have slightly different hardware than the "-TMCL" version.
As such, the "-TMCL" hardware version is unable to operate with "-CoE" or "-CANopen" versions of firmware. 
The "-CoE" and "-CANopen" hardware versions are compatible with "-TMCL" firmware, however.


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