How to Update the Firmware of a MAX32664 on a Custom PCB

Although the MAX32664 User Guide outlines the necessary I2C commands and sequences to update the IC to the latest firmware, implementing this from scratch isn’t exactly straightforward.  A solution typically involves 3 major components:

  • A microcontroller and associated firmware to communicate with the MAX32664 over I2C and GPIOs
  • Host PC software/scripts for reading .msbl file data and driving the microcontroller firmware in the right transaction sequence
  • A serial API so that the host script and microcontroller can communicate

Luckily, Maxim provides a ready-made solution built around our MAX32630FTHR that can be used as a utility and as a reference implementation. 

This guide will walk you through updating the firmware of a MAX32664 on a custom PCB using Maxim’s MAX32630FTHR_msbl_flasher tool.

Required Equipment

  • MAX32630FTHR + MAX32625PICO w/ JTAG Cable (The MAX32625PICO and cable are included in the MAX32630FTHR package)
  • Your custom PCB with the SLAVE_SDA, SLAVE_SCL, MFIO, and RSTN pins of the MAX32664 exposed.
  • The latest .msbl firmware file for your MAX32664 variant, available here.
  • The latest release of MAX32630FTHR_msbl_flasher tool, available here.

Step 1: Set up the MAX32630FTHR as an msbl programmer


Step 2:  Connect the MAX32630FTHR to the MAX32664


Step 3:  Reconnect the MAX32630FTHR to your PC


Step 4:  Update the MAX32664 Firmware


Step 5:  Verify the Version # of the Updated Firmware

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