The following steps can be followed in order to generate a new project for any of the supported microcontollers in the Maxim ARM Toolchain. Make sure you installed the latest ARM Tool chain before following this procedure. 

You need to be logged in to your MyMaxim account to download software.  Once logged in (see links in the upper right-hand corner of a Maxim web page), then download the toolchain.  Here is the link to the Windows version of the toolchain for your convenience:

Low Power ARM Micro Toolchain (Windows)   

  1. Make sure you launch the Eclipse from the Maxim Integrated folder (This runs some .bat files for Eclipse to be properly setup and to check for Toolchain updates)

  1. Then Eclipse will ask you to assign a workspace. We recommend to have new workspace for each of our Micros. In this example we will use the MAX32660 micro.



  1. If this is a brand new work space then the welcome tab will be present.  You can close that by clicking the X on the tab.


  1. Then a clean Workspace will be displayed as follows:


  1. Click on the toolbar pulldown menu next to the "New C/C++ Project", and then Click on the Maxim Integrated Icon Option, as shown in the following picture:


      6. Enter the name of the new project and click next.


      7. Select Project Configuration as follows and click Finish:


      8. The new project is created with the "Hello World" example in the main.c file.

      9. You can clean and build the project to make sure there are no compilation errors.  

     10. Now you can modify the code in main.c and add new files as your new project requirers. 


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