1. Mode Configuration (0x09): please configure the device in Multi-LED mode by setting bit0-2 of Register 0x09 to 0b111.

2. Multi-LED Mode Control Registers (0x11–0x12):  Register 0x11 and 0x12 should be configured as necessary for the end application. For example, to turn on IR, red, and green LEDs, three time slots would be needed. In this case, register 0x11 may be set to 0x21, and register 0x12 may be set to 0x03.

3. LED Pulse Amplitude (0x0C–0x10), The next step is to configure register 0x0C - 0x0F for setting the LED current as shown below. If three time slots were used, only 0x0C-0x0E need to be configured.

4. FIFO Data Register FIFO_DATA[7: 0] 0x07: To read collected data, please perform a read of FIFO data register. The number of bytes to read depend on the number of time slots that are enabled. For example, for three time slots (e.g IR, Red, and Green LED), 9 bytes need to be read to get one sample.

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