Yes.  A GitHub repository exists containing multiple C# GUI programs that exercise different 1-Wire/iButton devices on a PC through a 1-Wire PC adapter.  These programs come with source and show how to create a C# program using the 1-Wire SDK for Windows.
The DS2505/DS1985 example GUI was written in C# and tested on Windows 10 x64.  It uses the OneWireLinkLayer.dll software library to exercise these 1-Wire EPROM devices -- including generating the correct 12V pulses to perform EPROM writes. 
Read more about the program and download from here:
Please note that this program requires the DS9481-3C7 1-Wire PC adapter and it is the only modern PC adapter that can provide the 12V programming pulse required to write to this chip.  Also note that it can take approximately 1 and a half minutes to write to the entire memory.  
Here is a screenshot of the GUI: